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Our research

Although initial research projects focus on key priorities for Police including victims, Māori offending and road policing, research produced by the Centre is not limited to those areas.

Existing projects underway within each of the partner organisations are shared with our partners to identify opportunities to promote results obtained or to look for ways to expand or progress with the support of the partners.

PARA DNA Sampling tools

Evaluating the ParaDNA® rapid DNA and body fluid identification instrument

This brief summarises ESR's evaluation of the ParaDNA® field portable instrument's suitability to help speed up analysis of samples and the potential to enable field testing.

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Mapping crime harm and priority locations in New Zealand

This brief summarises a study comparing the New Zealand Crime Harm Index with the New Zealand Priority Locations Index to help identify and prioritise vulnerable communities suffering the highest crime harm.

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CHI vs PLI map

Full report available here

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The New Zealand Crime Harm Index

This brief provides information about the New Zealand Crime Harm Index, developed by the New Zealand Police, which enables harm from crime in New Zealand to be measured.

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Full research report

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Embracing machine learning

This brief provides information about ESR and the University of Waikato's work with Artificial Intelligence to support the development of automated workflows in its forensic laboratories while using current infrastructure.

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Neighbourhood crime & recidivism

This research brief summarises a collaborative study undertaken by Police, the University of Waikato and the University of Pretoria which investigated whether the level of crime in neighbourhoods to which high risk parolees were released predicted whether they reoffended.

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Full report