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Fluorescent dyes taking the guess work out of print analysis

6 Nov, 2018

A newly developed method of finding DNA in fingerprints is taking some of the guess-work out of print analysis at crime scenes.

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Drones and 3D adding to the fight against crime

1 Nov, 2018

New technology is giving forensic scientists the ability to investigate crime scenes in much greater detail and in a lot less time.

It can also provide better information to police and a trial jury.

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The shoes said otherwise

1 Nov, 2018

Sherlock Holmes once declared that “there is no branch of detective science which is so important and so much neglected as the art of tracing footsteps”.

Fast forward to the present day, and shoeprints are still an important tool in the forensic crime detection kit.

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Evidence-based policing recognised

18 Oct, 2018

An initiative in which Police partnered with iwi to support communities affected by a large-scale methamphetamine operation has won the Supreme Award in the 2018 New Zealand Police Evidence-based Problem-Oriented Policing Awards.

The awards highlight prevention initiatives in which Police staff have identified an issue, formed partnerships with other agencies or individuals, then put into place measures based on evidence of what works.

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Woolf Fisher Fellowships here to stay

17 Oct, 2018


The Woolf Fisher Police Fellowship – which allows New Zealand Police staff to travel to study policing methods overseas – is to become a permanent feature on the Police calendar.

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Wastewater testing to be rolled out nationally

10 Oct, 2018

Testing drugs in wastewater is set to be rolled out across New Zealand, with the expansion of Police and ESR’s (Institute of Environmental Science and Research) pilot programme.

October will see testing rolled out to 38 sites across the 12 Police districts and will capture 80 percent of New Zealand’s population.

The roll out follows testing in Rosedale in Auckland, Christchurch and Whāngarei, which estimated that 1.5kg of methamphetamine was consumed on average each week across the three test sites over the past 18 months.

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Battling to beat New Zealand's beehive raiders

10 Sep, 2018

A manuka honey gold rush has seen the theft of hives become more common, hitting beekeepers in the pocket and forcing them to look for solutions.

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